Wednesday, March 11, 2009

on my way to recovery

This weeked we went down to the beach because i was feeling very great=) we walked at least 2 miles and molly LOVED it, but unfortunatly the next day i felt HORRIBLE=( Thankfully a very good friend of mine Christina and here mom came by and gave me a wonderful gift bascket=) Buddy loved having double the attention=) Here are some pictures of the beach and when christina came over=) HOPE YOU LIKE=)
kunfo hailey and molly and here bud=)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the little man is getting to be sooooooo big= )

Well Ryder,Danielle, and Derrik have been gone for what feels like forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that they are gone Ryder has gotten such a cute personality, we have gootton many pictures but it`s still not the same as seeing him inperson every day!!!!!!!!!! Everyone here is missing them sooooooooo much and love getting our daily photo= ) Some of the dailey pics we have gotton!!!!!!!!!!