Thursday, June 18, 2009

5th Grade Dance!!!!!!!

Friday night was my 5th Grade Dance and it was an absolute blast. There was games and danceing also lots of food. I will defenitly never forget it, near the end there were people danceing from the ages of about 4 to 60 to the Chattcha Slide!!!!!! It was a very weird sight watching your principal breaking down on the dance floor. Well here are some pictures of my awesome night with some awesome friends:)

<----- ( my best friend Christina breaking down)

<----- ( the last dance of the night and everyone dicided to join in on the fun )

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Some peoples best bud is a human but my best bud is my dog " Buddy " ( how funny his name is buddy.) Well ever since I have gotton sick Buddy and I have gotton way closer:) so Buddy will let me do anything to him like dress him up. Also haveing Danielle, Derrik, and Ryder liveing next door they have lots of little things Hailey and I can "borrow" hailey dresses her dolls in Ryders close but I use them for Buddy!!!!! So Danielle has a sling for Ryder but has never used it so I called her up and asked if i could borrow it and she said i could so i took it and of course put Buddy in it and he LOVED haveing my holding him 24/7:) So here is some pictures of Buddy my BFF in the sling:)